To access the site properly, viewers must be needed to be registered as a member.

The registration form has appeared with some fields such as first name, last name, gender, email, mobile, password. By clicking the “Register” button viewers will accept the terms & conditions of the site.

Registered members can log in to the site with their provided email & password.

If anyone forgets the password, there is an option for “recover password”.

After registration and login members can organize their public Profile from Profile dashboard

  • Profile: From this tab, members can see the public profile view information. All information is divided into different sections.
  • My interest: Here is the list of other members who are interested in the member.
  • Shortlist: A member can find his/her shortlisted members here in a list. This page will show a glimpse of the basic information of the members.
  • Followed users: Other members who followed by a member are listed here with short basic info.
  •  Messaging: From this tab, members can send messages to other members with whom he/she has enabled Direct Messaging.
  • Ignored list: Here is a list of ignored members who are ignored by the member.  Any ignored member can be unblocked by clicking the “unblock” button.
  • Profile Report: A member can report about a profile to admin if he/she thinks its a fake profile.
  • Picture Privacy: Member can edit their profile picture and gallery privacy setting from here according to “Only me”, “All Members”, “Premium Members”.
  • Edit profile: Members can edit their profile at any time by clicking on “Edit all” at the top right corner of the profile tab or each section individually.
  • Gallery: This section is for uploaded images by the member. Members can upload their photos with a title, which is appeared on the public profile view.
  • Happy story upload: Members can upload their marriage stories from here. They will get a form with the fields(title, description, marriage date input option, multiple image upload options) for applying to upload their story. After admin approval, the story will appear in Happy stories page.
  • My package: This page contains the member’s current package details & remaining items for the current plan. Also, a member can get the options for buying new premium plans.
  • Payment information: Form this page member will get a list about their payment history such as payment date, payment gateway, amount, chosen package & payment status.

How will appear in the public profile view?

  • Login as a Member
  • From the left  Navigation select Close Account.
  • Answer questions by marking yes/no which will appear during account closing
  • Select Confirm.
  • Member can re-open his/her profile anytime.
OR You send us an email to request close account to

User can search members from Homepage Advanced Search & Member listing page Left navbar Advanced Search

Homepage Advanced Search

This section is used to search members more specifically. User can search members by :

  • Age
  • Religion.
  • Caste & Subcaste
  • Profession
  • Mother Tongue &
  • Height Range.

Searching is separated based on the member’s gender. Male members can view only the female member’s profile. And Females can see Only male members profile.

Member listing page Left navbar Advanced Search

All members are listed in three different pages according to their membership plans. All Members, Premium Members, Free Members.

  • All Members: A user can view a list of all members both free and premium on this page.
  • Premium Members: On this page, the user can view only a list of members who have purchased premium packages and become Premium Members.
  • Free Members: On this page, users can view only a list of members who have already Registered but did not purchase any premium packages i.e. Free Members.

These three pages are divided into 2 parts to sort out the members by searching and sorting according to the member’s registered information.

Member listing page’s left navbar contains advanced search options with some fields (e.g. age, marital status, religion, caste, country, etc as registered information).

Purchase Package

From header menu “Premium Plans” members can see admin created all package plans which are displayed with the package details(plan image, price, remain items). They can purchase the package by clicking on the “Get this package” button. It will lead members to a purchase confirmation page where members will choose a payment gateway option from PayPal, stripe & PayUmoney, Instamojo, Custom Payment methods and will confirm the purchase.

From the header menu “Search Member“, a member can see other member’s basic information such as picture, age, religion, mother tongue, Profession, etc. Viewers will get the options(Full Profile, Express Interest, Shortlist, Unfollow, Ignore) for interaction with any specific member.

Basic Rules:
* Smile. Your matches are more likely to respond.
* Add recent and clear photos.
* You can upload photos to your profile & gallery. Each photo must be less than 500px X 500px and in jpg, png format.

Beyond these basic rules, here are some reasons we reject photos:
* You are the focus of your profile. Do not add group photos.
* Sideways or upside-down photos are likely to be rejected.
* Watermarked, digitally enhanced, morphed photos or photos with your personal information will be rejected.
* Do not upload irrelevant photographs such as celebrity photos or obscene photos. It may lead to the deactivation of your profile and membership.
* Do not upload photographs that show you with a cigarette/cigar.

We take every possible step to make your search for a life partner safe. We strongly recommend you to be aware and follow a few guidelines during this journey. Safe Matrimony is our initiative to guide you to a safe search.

* Never reveal your account info

Keep your matrimony profile user name and password safe. Remember, no one from Badhon Matrimony will ever ask you for the same

* Do reference checks

During your search for a life partner, ensure that you meet the prospective partner, their family and do complete reference checks before you proceed further

* Safety in public

Meet your matches in safe public places only. Always, keep your friends or family informed about your meeting

* Never ever give money to anyone

Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to any person you meet while searching for a life partner.

** Don't reveal their real face

Are not willing to come on video chat or meet you in person

** Ask for money

Request for transfer of money, citing a personal emergency or other reasons

** Send gifts, ask you to pay customs duty

Someone calls saying they're from customs & ask money for delivering gift

** Ask for financial details

May ask for email address/password or credit card/bank account details

*** Choose who can view your photo

You can control who views your photos by showing them only to select members or even hide them completely.

*** Choose who can see your number

You can show your number only to members who contacted you or responded to your interest or reveal it only to Premium Members from your community.

► Profile Information -এর ডান পাশের পেন বাটনে ক্লিক করে সম্পূর্ণ সঠিক তথ্য দিন। ফরম অসম্পূর্ণ রাখলে Account ব্লক করা হবে।
► আপনার ব্যক্তিগত তথ্য ডেটা আমাদের কাছে নিরাপদ, আপনার অনুমতি ছাড়া কেউ এটিকে দেখতে পাবে না।
► নিরাপত্তাজনিত কারনে Public অংশে আপনার নাম, মোবাইল নং ও ই-মেইল ঠিকানা Hidden করে রাখা হবে।
► আপনার নাম, মোবাইল নং, ই-মেইল ব্যতিত প্রোফাইল তথ্য Public করা আছে, প্রাইভেসি চাইলে Hide বাটন ক্লিক করুন।
► Introduction -এ আপনার নাম, মোবাইল নং, ই-মেইল, বাসার ঠিকানা লিখবেন না। নিয়ম ভঙ্গ করলে Account ব্লক করা হবে।
► Premium Package ক্রয় করে পছন্দকৃত প্রোফাইলে মেম্বারের নাম, মোবাইল নং ও ই-মেইল ঠিকানা জানুন।
► Search Members এর ঊপর ক্লিক করে মেম্বার পছন্দ করুন।
► এই সাইটের যে কোনও প্রতারণামূলক ব্যবহার বাংলাদেশের আইসিটি আইন ২০০৬ এর আওতায় শাস্তিযোগ্য অপরাধ।

► Premium Package ক্রয় করে মেম্বারের নাম, মোবাইল নং ও ই-মেইল ঠিকানা জানুন।
► Search Members এর ঊপর ক্লিক করে পছন্দের মেম্বারকে Express Interest জানান। My Interests থেকে মেম্বারের নাম জেনে নিন।
► পছন্দের মেম্বারের সাথে চ্যাটিং করে ফোন নং ও ই-মেইল ঠিকানা জেনে নিন Enable Your Messaging ক্লিক করে।
► এই মেম্বারকে বিবাহের ঊপযুক্ত মনে হলে এবং তিনি আপনার প্রোফাইল পছন্দ করলে আলোচনা করে Public Place এ Live দেখে নিবেন।
► অভিভাবক ছাড়া বিবাহ করবেন না। অবশ্যই কাজী দ্বারা বিবাহ রেজিস্ট্রেশন করবেন।
► বিবাহের পূর্বে কোন মেম্বারকে টাকা-পয়সা লেনদেন করলে প্রতারণার শিকার হতে পারেন। সতর্ক ও নিরাপদ থাকুন।
► এই সাইটের যে কোনও প্রতারণামূলক ব্যবহার বাংলাদেশের আইসিটি আইন ২০০৬ এর আওতায় শাস্তিযোগ্য অপরাধ।